REVIEW | Twin Heart – Progress : Decline


In 2014, we witnessed the end of one of the finest acts to ever emerge from Ayrshire – Mechanical Smile.

But not long after, they rose from the ashes under the emo-driven guise of Twin Heart, and since resurfacing, they have continued to blow us away time and time again both on the stage and with whatever they fire out of the studio.

After a long time coming, they finally cranked out an EP last month – Progress : Decline – and as expected, it proved to be something pretty special.

Ghosts is an incredible and unforgettable track which is catchy from start to finish. In addition to fantastic riffs, Dawn as always delivers in the vocal department, with Owen and Murray both chiming in at one point and knocking it out the park in their own right.

Young Eyes starts slow before kicking it up for what is a brisk-paced number that leads up to an exciting finish. Dawn’s writing abilities are displayed in full bloom with the principal single Suffocating, with an addictive chorus added for good measure.

Following a serene interlude is Speak To Me, a gripping, emotion-fueled piece. As Dawn parts towards the end, Owen and Murray are left without musical accompaniment, giving it all they have got as they scream the words “I’ll keep fighting till the end” to conclude the record on a goosebump-inducing note.

And with that, they further cement themselves as one of Scotland’s most promising prospects.

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