REVIEW | Oceans (Self-Titled EP)


For the better part of 4 years, Glasgow rock quintet Enemies Of The State made a name for themselves with their dynamic live shows and some of the best lyrics in the local scene, which perfectly reflected current political and social issues.

But several months ago, the guys chose to repackage themselves as Oceans and take their music in a new direction. Did it ultimately pay off? The short answer is a resounding yes, judging by their upcoming self-titled EP.

Reborn serves as a tremendous opener, and an aspect which becomes immediately clear is the superb, highly memorable writing, and it only gets better with the very catchy lead single Heartbeats, where storied verses lend way to a very addictive chorus of mammoth proportions.

The strong lyrical themes continue into the softer Dream Speed, where after the eerie, low-key intro of You’re Not Alone sucks in the listener, before taking off for a more resonant second half. Finally, they reach the end with Signal Fire, an exceedingly passionate track driven by electrifying guitar work.

The first product of this new era proves that the band have evolved in astounding fashion, and this is sure to be only the beginning of a new wave of major success for the boys.



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