REVIEW | The Blet Project – The Anthem

The Blet Project The Anthem

Earlier this year, progressive dance band The Blet Project caught our attention and thoroughly impressed us with their debut single Mr David Harris, and once again they have attracted our ears with a second track – The Anthem.

Similarly to their previous offering, the ballad is characterised by the incredibly poignant writing; tackling the themes of self-righteous attitudes toward politics online and raising the next generation of children in such a society where the aforementioned element runs rampant.

The lyrics are delivered perfectly through leading lady Maisie’s fiercely direct performance, which is accompanied by equally blunt guitars and synths.

It is qualities like these that make The Blet Project stand out as one of the country’s most unparalleled electronic acts at the moment, and they are looking to only get better with time.

The Anthem will be released on 15th June 2016 as a free download.

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