REVIEW | Bella And The Bear – Still Cold


The folk scene in Scotland is a brimming one, but within the last year or so, a duo by the name of Bella And The Bear burst in and were swift to make their mark and establish themselves as an act to watch.

Comprising of Lauren Gilmour and Stuart Ramage, we got our first taste of the SAMA 2015 Best Newcomer winners courtesy of their latest EP – Still Cold – and quite frankly, it captured our imagination like nothing else.

The title track showcases incredible chemistry between the pairing in the vocal department, and combined with some efficient acoustic skills, it builds up to a grandiose conclusion. A great intro, but it was the following number that really caught our attention.

Haunt is not only a profoundly emotional piece that discloses a gripping story while creating a chilling atmosphere, but the method in which they do so is unique, as Lauren strengthens her harmonies and beautifully played piano work to match with the growth of the hostility uncovered in the drama of the song.

A masterpiece of musical art, to put it plainly, but it does not end there, as they wrap up with Rain, a delightful toe-tapper which reaches a bombastic peak before slowly settling and fading to silence.

While regrettably short, there is no doubt as to how utterly remarkable this record is. We cannot recall the last time a band made such a sensational impact on our sentiments, but Bella And The Bear pulled it off spectacularly.

These two are truly something special, and anyone who passionately seeks the finest music would be making a huge mistake to pass them up.

Still Cold is out now, and is available to buy on iTunes.


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