REVIEW | Bloodlines – Skeletons

bloodlines skeletons

Over a year ago, Fort William’s finest Bloodlines released their debut EP, Love The Taste, to much deserved positive reviews, but since then, aside from a number of scattered live shows, we had not heard much from them musically.

That was until a few weeks ago when they presented us with a brand new single titled Skeletons. Now obviously being fans of this band, we expected something good, but we were seriously taken aback at what we got.

This is a blistering, raucous track crammed to the brink with some mighty raw riffs, unripe snares, unbelievably powerful, coarse dual vocals and a furious rhythm that gets the blood pumping to the nth degree.

We have been truly caught off guard with this one, and let us just say it has left the repeat button almost grinded to dust by this point.

The accompanying B-side Floodgates is also worth mentioning. It is certainly slower but still a great number with smooth guitar work, plus an awfully catchy chorus for good measure.

Bloodlines appear to have brought a new heavier sound to the table via a track of the year candidate, and we are eager to hear more in the same vain.

Floodgates is out now, and is available to buy on iTunes.

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