REVIEW | Jamie & Shoony – Been Everywhere


It has been nearly a year since we were first graced with an introduction to Jamie & Shoony, who we now consider one of the most entertaining acts in all of Scotland.

Whether ripping a new hole in whatever venue they play, or garnering press attention due to nudity, the Yellow Movement patrons always find a way to leave us with a smile. As of late, their most recent mission was to achieve a similar outcome with their latest EP – Been Everywhere – and that, they accomplished.

Settle Down serves as a lively opener that sets the mood nicely, with Shoony’s snappy riffs taking centre stage, after which they kick it into an even higher gear with Who Are You, showcasing a very passionate performance from Jamie, as well as an immensely wild melody which is futile to resist bopping your head along to.

A constantly shifting tempo is the stand out aspect of Part II, and Bite Your Tongue is highlighted by memorable writing. Soon enough, they finish off in style with No Holding Back, in which they churn out a hefty and ridiculously catchy chorus further elevated by an energetic rhythm.

Once again, the charismatic Edinburgh quartet have delivered the goods that left us in a buzz and begging for more.

Been Everywhere is out now, and available to purchase from the band website.

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