REVIEW | Glasgow Tech-Fest All Dayer 2016

glasgow tech fest

For the second year in a row, a month ahead of the main event itself, Tech-Fest came to Glasgow for an all-dayer at Audio once again hosted by HD Music, and with a line-up as tasty as this, tickets were swiftly purchased at the first instance and we were all ready to go.

Dienamic from Sweden were first to take to the stage. Their self-proclaimed brand of Arctic death thrash certainly sounded appealing, and that they were. Despite being in the dreaded opening slot, that did not hold them back from delivering a great opening set highlighted by fast-paced dual riffs and an enthusiastic, beer-fueled performance from frontman Gustav. Just like that, they had set the bar nicely.

Edinburgh act Islasorna followed suit, churning out beastly tracks such as Transmissions420 and Aquaphobia, each impressing with big drops, technical guitars and a tight rhythm section; in particular, mighty bass work.

Hieroglyph were next, a band jointly hailing from Leeds and London that we had only discovered last month and were quickly made fans of, and safe to say the anticipation to see them live had paid off.

Whether dishing out some familiar tunes or material from their upcoming album, they were fantastic, and that came down to the really good vocal/scream combo of Valentina and Mark – the latter being very animated on stage – and a blistering presence from all six members, with none of them feeling out of place.

And then there was British metal’s most notorious health and safety hazard, The Colour Line. Taking it to the floor, walking on the bar, piggybacking on each other, venturing out into Midland Street, instruments launched up in the air, strumming guitar strings with audience members’ teeth, bringing a ladder into the mix, somebody headbanging on the ladder, vocalist Sam standing on the ladder with the rest of the crowd stood around him like his disciples, only for more chaos to ensue in the form of a pit, a scarily awkward surf, a cymbal being annihilated by the aforementioned ladder and with it all ending by Sam being rugby tackled and pinned onto the ground…speaks for itself, really.

And the good times rolled on with Shields who were, simply put, immense. Sheer intensity and passion just radiating off the stage, and so much energy that encapsulated all spectators in the room, with those in the front row really getting into the set as led by Joe Edwards. Nailing every single track and never missing a beat, it was insane.

And now for something completely different – Sithu Aye. Fresh off a tour of Japan with Protest The Hero, we had been dying to see his fellow live for ages, and he did not disappoint in the slightest, playing an incredible collection of progressive instrumental tracks, both old and new, ending with the infamous yet spectacular Senpai, Please Notice Me.

Sithu’s trademark talents were in full bloom throughout. His smoothness and precision in the performance of these complex pieces was amazing to watch, whether they were fast or slow, light or heavy, and it was all elevated by an equally strong backing band who functioned alongside him as a cohesive unit.

And last up was Humanity’s Last Breath, and the Swedes gave us a ferocious finale that was very, very heavy, courtesy of formidable growls, deafening riffs and hard-hitting drums. Top it all off with a red hot crowd headbanging and going bonkers in unison, and we had ourselves the perfect ending to what was, from top to bottom, a phenomenal event.

REVIEW | The Blet Project – The Anthem

The Blet Project The Anthem

Earlier this year, progressive dance band The Blet Project caught our attention and thoroughly impressed us with their debut single Mr David Harris, and once again they have attracted our ears with a second track – The Anthem.

Similarly to their previous offering, the ballad is characterised by the incredibly poignant writing; tackling the themes of self-righteous attitudes toward politics online and raising the next generation of children in such a society where the aforementioned element runs rampant.

The lyrics are delivered perfectly through leading lady Maisie’s fiercely direct performance, which is accompanied by equally blunt guitars and synths.

It is qualities like these that make The Blet Project stand out as one of the country’s most unparalleled electronic acts at the moment, and they are looking to only get better with time.

The Anthem will be released on 15th June 2016 as a free download.

REVIEW | 100 Fables – Metropolis

100 fables

Still relatively fresh off their victory at Hard Rock Rising last week, there is no better time to check out Glasgow electro-pop group 100 Fables and dig in to their latest single – Metropolis.

This is a mesmerising number that radiates such a tremendous, captivating electricity. Whether it is the intoxicating melody, the enduring lyrics or the dazzling harmonic display from Lyndsey Liora, every element is astonishing.

Not only a fantastic modern take on a vintage genre, but the replayability factor is very high; undoubtedly going to go down as one of the best Scottish tracks of the year.

Metropolis is out now, and is available to buy on iTunes!

REVIEW | Bella And The Bear – Still Cold


The folk scene in Scotland is a brimming one, but within the last year or so, a duo by the name of Bella And The Bear burst in and were swift to make their mark and establish themselves as an act to watch.

Comprising of Lauren Gilmour and Stuart Ramage, we got our first taste of the SAMA 2015 Best Newcomer winners courtesy of their latest EP – Still Cold – and quite frankly, it captured our imagination like nothing else.

The title track showcases incredible chemistry between the pairing in the vocal department, and combined with some efficient acoustic skills, it builds up to a grandiose conclusion. A great intro, but it was the following number that really caught our attention.

Haunt is not only a profoundly emotional piece that discloses a gripping story while creating a chilling atmosphere, but the method in which they do so is unique, as Lauren strengthens her harmonies and beautifully played piano work to match with the growth of the hostility uncovered in the drama of the song.

A masterpiece of musical art, to put it plainly, but it does not end there, as they wrap up with Rain, a delightful toe-tapper which reaches a bombastic peak before slowly settling and fading to silence.

While regrettably short, there is no doubt as to how utterly remarkable this record is. We cannot recall the last time a band made such a sensational impact on our sentiments, but Bella And The Bear pulled it off spectacularly.

These two are truly something special, and anyone who passionately seeks the finest music would be making a huge mistake to pass them up.

Still Cold is out now, and is available to buy on iTunes.


REVIEW | Bloodlines – Skeletons

bloodlines skeletons

Over a year ago, Fort William’s finest Bloodlines released their debut EP, Love The Taste, to much deserved positive reviews, but since then, aside from a number of scattered live shows, we had not heard much from them musically.

That was until a few weeks ago when they presented us with a brand new single titled Skeletons. Now obviously being fans of this band, we expected something good, but we were seriously taken aback at what we got.

This is a blistering, raucous track crammed to the brink with some mighty raw riffs, unripe snares, unbelievably powerful, coarse dual vocals and a furious rhythm that gets the blood pumping to the nth degree.

We have been truly caught off guard with this one, and let us just say it has left the repeat button almost grinded to dust by this point.

The accompanying B-side Floodgates is also worth mentioning. It is certainly slower but still a great number with smooth guitar work, plus an awfully catchy chorus for good measure.

Bloodlines appear to have brought a new heavier sound to the table via a track of the year candidate, and we are eager to hear more in the same vain.

Floodgates is out now, and is available to buy on iTunes.

REVIEW | Glass Abbot – Feel It


In the last fortnight, we have witnessed a new Glaswegian band burst onto the scene. They are Glass Abbot, and judging by their debut single Feel Itthey are already showing heaps of promise.

One aspect instantly notable is the highly addictive drum beat which carries throughout the entire duration of the song. Meanwhile, the rest of the band impress with a solid concoction of slick riffs, deep bass chords and sprightly vocals.

Top it all off with an energetic chorus and you have yourself a superb track that only improves with each listen.

Feel It is out now, and is available to download at a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp page.

REVIEW | Jamie & Shoony – Been Everywhere


It has been nearly a year since we were first graced with an introduction to Jamie & Shoony, who we now consider one of the most entertaining acts in all of Scotland.

Whether ripping a new hole in whatever venue they play, or garnering press attention due to nudity, the Yellow Movement patrons always find a way to leave us with a smile. As of late, their most recent mission was to achieve a similar outcome with their latest EP – Been Everywhere – and that, they accomplished.

Settle Down serves as a lively opener that sets the mood nicely, with Shoony’s snappy riffs taking centre stage, after which they kick it into an even higher gear with Who Are You, showcasing a very passionate performance from Jamie, as well as an immensely wild melody which is futile to resist bopping your head along to.

A constantly shifting tempo is the stand out aspect of Part II, and Bite Your Tongue is highlighted by memorable writing. Soon enough, they finish off in style with No Holding Back, in which they churn out a hefty and ridiculously catchy chorus further elevated by an energetic rhythm.

Once again, the charismatic Edinburgh quartet have delivered the goods that left us in a buzz and begging for more.

Been Everywhere is out now, and available to purchase from the band website.