REVIEW | United Fruit: Eternal Return

For the better part of the last decade, alternative rock quartet United Fruit have been edging their way up the ladder whilst growing into one of the finest bands in all of the Glaswegian local scene.

Their talents have been proven time and time again with a tight discography made up of several EPs and a great album titled Fault Lines, and they have been able to showcase their talents through the means of many exciting shows – whether within the confines of their hometown’s many small-scale venues, or hitting the larger stages of T In The Park and SXSW – as well as considerable amounts of airplay.

We have been hooked ever since we first discovered them ourselves in 2014 and they were quick to become one of our favourite Scottish acts, so it would be quite an understatement to say we were awfully happy when they announced the release of a new full-length record – Eternal Return.

Any concerns going in that the band would possibly be unable to live up to their previous work were gone in a flash as they kicked off with Ghost Inside Your Head, and we could not have asked for a more thrilling opener that gets the listener furiously fired up, and that ignited momentum seamlessly carries over into the very jaunty Open Your Eyes.

Polished riffs, energetic melodies and enjoyable lyrics are all accounted for in the brand new material including When The Sun Beats Down, Golden Days and Cog In The Wheel.

How Long is relatively straight forward in style but the broad chorus and backing drum beat make this one stand out, and that leads into Sorrow which is fueled by strong emotion, and the poignant writing is brought to life beautifully courtesy of frontman Iskandar’s passionate vocal performance.

The catchy Nightmare, Recovery keeps the proceedings going, and the pace is only further picked up with the rampant Nothing To Feel.

Taste I Can’t Give Up is certainly a very different approach from the band, but the result is a much welcome one, with an in-your-face rhythm that is fiercely addicting, and finally Cause & Effect ends the album similarly to how it began – in a dynamic, high-octane fashion.

There is no better way to describe Eternal Return than simply flawless, as United Fruit have provided us with a spectacular and immensely entertaining musical marathon with virtually nothing negative of note.

The group have only gotten better with age and the sooner the industry is smart enough to allow these guys to achieve the breakthrough they have worked so hard for, the better.



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