REVIEW | One Last Run: Unbreakable

It was over a year ago that we were introduced to a band by the name of One Last Run, a hard rock troupe hailing from Manchester, and were requested to check out and review their, at the time, brand new self-titled debut EP. In short, we enjoyed it, gave it our blessing and were made fans.

Since then, it has been pretty impressive to witness how quickly the band have grown and flourished over the last year or so, and it has all come to a head with the impending release of their first full-length album – Unbreakable.

Going back, their debut EP accomplished exactly what it meant to do – provide us with a showcase of the group’s talents and give us a taste of their potential with the promise of even better material to come.

Now with Unbreakable, they had the tough challenge of proving their worth and realising their potential, and that they sure did, while giving us what is certainly one of the best British records of 2016 so far.

They waste no time and dive straight into the title track, and from the start it is abundantly clear two of the band’s major strengths – firstly, frontwoman Becky is a commanding powerhouse on the mic, and secondly the guitar work is devilishly good; not to mention the presence of an unforgettable chorus, a trend which continues into the likes of the riff-heavy Reckless, as well as the massive Rise Or Fall.

There is also a selection of slower yet still great numbers including Tell Me, All You Need To Know and Run & Hide, the latter in which we just sucked in by the passion and how it only builds as it progresses.

Elsewhere there is Casanova, another notable highlight with sheer horsepower driving behind it, and the Creatures Of The Night opens with the coolest of bass intros. And finally, they close out what has been a rollercoaster of an album with a fantastic acoustic piece titled Given Up, featuring special guest Mike Kingswood of Glamour Of The Kill fame, and he gets the job done nicely.

We had solid expectations for Unbreakable and it would be an understatement to say that One Last Run have triumphed, and as stated before, there is little doubt this will go down as one of the most noteworthy UK records of 2016, and considering the immense range of high-quality albums that we have been treated to already in the last few months, that is saying an awful lot.


Unbreakable is released on Friday 6th May and will be available on most digital outlets.

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