REVIEW | Lock & Key: Peaceless

2 years ago, a certain hardcore band hailing from Birmingham by the name of Lock & Key were very swift to take both the UK – and even mainland Europe – by storm as they gained a following in no time flat, and based on their talents, it should come as no surprise.

Their initial EP, The Divide, gave us only a taste of what the mighty quintet had to offer, but it was not until the recent release of their debut full-length album, Peaceless, that they truly cemented themselves as one of the best the British underground metal scene has to offer.

Vocalist Rich Lardner is quick to signal the start of Hostile, which serves as a formidable opening track and just like that, they are off to the races.

Hand-picking highlights from this tight compilation proves to be quite a challenge, with only some of the focal points including The LegacyUnclear State Of Mind and the seriously catchy No Acceptance which features a memorable chorus.

The poignant writing is among the strongest we have heard lately, notable in the likes of Burning Bridges, Vultures and No Justice; the latter where Sean Midson’s much welcomed guest appearance makes a hell of an impact.

The aforementioned writing is delivered to us courtesy of not only Rich’s intense, deeply fervent performance, but also his demanding presence. The galloping drum work packs a punch and the melodic guitar riffs only add a whole other level of vigor to the record.

If this album does not convince you that Lock & Key will grow into one of the UK’s premier hardcore acts within the next few years, then frankly nothing will.

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