REVIEW | Faultlines: All We’ve Ever Known

It has been so long since we have seen a band burst onto the scene and be so quick to make their mark, but that is exactly the case with Leeds metal band, who have turned many heads in just a mere couple of months.

Wasting little time, they have treated us to an EP titled All We’ve Ever Known, and trust us when we say, it is incredible stuff.

One key attribute of the record is leading lady Christina Rotondo – formerly of Searching Alaska and a notable face on YouTube as of late – who confirms our belief that she ranks among the elite of British underground vocalists, as she showcases magnificent harmonies throughout, whilst being perfectly matched by Jake Noakes who brings to the table some fierce scream work.

This first becomes abundantly clear with the opener Buried. Afterwards, the immense lead single Drowning delivers a colossal chorus, as well as some outstanding lyrics.

Weathered Bones entertains with impressive riffs, and the two closing tracks – Call Me Home and Voices – blow out the ear drums with vast, pulsating rhythms.

No bones about it, this is simply a stellar debut. These guys are already making good progress in their climb up the ladder to success, and this EP will only skyrocket them even further, and deservedly so.

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