REVIEW | AshesToAngels: How To Bleed

For a while now, we have been keeping a close eye on a certain Bristol band by the name of AshesToAngels, the reason being the huge and dedicated fan base they have amassed in that time, in addition to recognition for being one of the forerunners for the revolutionary “new grave” genre which has swept the nation and risen to prominence over the last few years.

Now that is a pair of remarkable accomplishments, to put it lightly. Despite all that, while impressed with what they had achieved, for whatever reason their music had never clicked with us. That was until we were given the opportunity to listen to their impending fourth album – How To Bleed – and everything changed.

The entire record is nothing short of a high-adrenaline rollercoaster with a thrilling energy that has all hairs on end courtesy of an electrifying combination of rousing melodies, unforgettable lyrics and a passionate performance from each member of the quartet, with the hot points including the ridiculously catchy Find Hell, the heartstopping Nothing Lasts Forever and the emotionally-charged Something To Believe.

With just one listen, we have made the transition from curious onlookers in the distance to hooked fans. That alone speaks levels of the impact this made. We are looking at a significiant game-changer with this album here and it appears only imminent now that AshesToAngels are set to surge even further and make momentous waves in British rock music.

How To Bleed is released on Friday 15th April, and the band head out on a UK tour later this month in support of the album.

April Headline Tour


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