REVIEW | The Colour Line: The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval

For several years now, Hull technical-hardcore band The Colour Line have established themselves as one of the hottest live acts in the UK’s underground music scene. But in between ALL that, they have had to endure a lot of difficulty and negative situations to keep themselves going.

But after fighting tooth and nail for so long and cementing a deal with Basick Records, they have at last been able to provide us with a record – The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval – and it is just as beautifully mental as we hoped it would be.

A bunch of immense, anarchic tracks teeming with all of the band’s trademarks – ferocious vocals, berserk riffs, hefty bass tones and senseless drumming – the concoction of all taking the listener on a insane, deranged ride with only the very brief moments of silence between each number giving them any opportunity for relief from the manic chaos.

Not much else we can say, we think it is pretty obvious The Colour Line are here to stay and swiftly on the way up.

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