REVIEW | Servant Sun: Hundred Waves

When introduced to Servant Sun back in 2014, we were quite impressed with their talents – as evident by their self-titled debut EP – and believed there was plenty of potential lurking underneath.

Fast forward 2 years later, and the Glasgow metal quintet have proved us right and realised their potential with a new record – Hundred Waves.

The title track gets things started nicely with sweet riffs to be had and frontman Andrew’s vocals that are favourably comparable to those of Myles Kennedy on full display. Afterwards we have Misgiver which is driven by a vivid, progressive rhythm.

They drop down the tempo for Taste Of Silver, building and further accelerating before escalating to a furious, full-frontal gallop. But it does not end there, as they charge into a rocking finale with Cold House Collapse, loaded with booming bass tones, blazing guitar work and great lyrics.

If they continue to deliver material of this standard, there is no reason why Servant Sun cannot go on to grow into one of Scotland’s top metal acts further down the road.

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