REVIEW | Rory Indiana: Ruling Class Crooks

Here is a record we have been highly anticipating for a while now. As touched on before, we discovered Brighton alternative rockers Rory Indiana not too long ago, but they were swift to make an impact and turn us into outright fanboys.

And now, after much impatient waiting, their sophomore EP – Ruling Class Crooks – has arrived, and we could not have asked for a better product.

Mere seconds in, we are hooked courtesy of a dynamic opener featuring intoxicating riffs, strong vocals and a breathtaking rhythm; qualities that remain consistent in the ferociously addictive Leave Me, which is hands down our favourite rock track of 2016 thus far.

The band’s writing abilities are showcased in full bloom with the forceful Burnout Behaviour, in which afterwards they wind up with the emotion-fuelled Self Sabotage.

This is about as flawless as it gets, quite frankly. Rory Indiana have absolutely nailed it in every aspect, from the instrumentation, to the lyrics, to the passionate performances.

These guys have all the tools available to break it big and become one of the front-runners of British rock in the following years to come.

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