REVIEW | Last Chance City: A New Beginning

This time last week, we had never heard of Isle Of Wight alternative rock quartet Last Chance City, but by god, it did not take long at all for us to get hooked, for they immediately made us fans thanks to their latest EP – A New Beginning.

Just from the opening prelude, you know you’re in something special. They kick off in furious style with the high-adrenaline Life & Love, and from there the rest is an equally wild ride, with each track defined by a massive, out of this world sound that has our hairs standing on end.

The highlight for sure is the unforgettable Fire Your Guns, which leaves the lyrics ringing in our head long after it is finished.

Top it all off with slick vocals plus a combination of demanding riffs and electronics, this is a tremendous record. This is a band a heck of a lot more people need to discover, and whoever is reading this can make a start right now, as the EP is available to purchase from iTunes and other digital outlets!

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