REVIEW | Ko_Plune: Auditory Atlas

A good band is one who are able to show a lot of potential with their very first record. Ko_Plune from Southampton match that category to a tee with their debut EP – Auditory Atlas.

What the quartet deliver is a unique sound that beautifully blends a concoction of several genres, most notably jazz and progressive dance. At times, the tracks stride at a smooth, delicate pace, while at other occasions bouncing along to lively, toe-tapping rhythms.

Stand out qualities include graceful harmonies, fiercely funky bass work and utterly addictive drum beats; aspects most prominent in the likes of Rare Error, Panda and especially the rousing closing number Machiatto.

We implore you all to check out this band now, because Auditory Atlas is absolutely pleasing to the ears. Here’s hoping they live up to their promise and go very far.

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