REVIEW | Donnie Willow: Inhale, Exhale

For over a year now, we have been big fans of Glasgow trio Donnie Willow – in fact, becoming one of our favourite acts in all of Scotland. They first caught our attention with what was an unforgettable debut EP consisting of 4 spectacular tracks.

Naturally, when they announced they were working on a new mini-album entitled Inhale, Exhale, we got excited, but after all this wait, could they actually top themselves with this one?

They kick things off nice and slow with Inhale, picking up as it goes before launching into lead single Jagged Teeth, a catchy as hell, riff-jammed rock anthem that only gets better with each consecutive listen; I Eat Flies producing a similar effect.

As the record progresses, the tunes become not only longer but also feature more complex rhythms and more mature writing – very evident with the emotional Little Brother, as well as Fairytale. Soon, they wrap up in their standard, rip-roaring fashion with the dynamic Exhale.

The lads had quite the tough act to follow with their previous release, but they did just that, providing us with one of the most entertaining Scottish records of the year so far, while also showcasing their constant evolution and growing capabilities as a band.

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