REVIEW | Blackwork: Impasse

Scotland is brimming with a wide multitude of great metal bands, but in our honest opinion, the ones who show real potential are only few and far between. This is where Blackwork from Glasgow enter the frame.

These young guns have impressed us time and time again in the last 12 months or so, and they have definitely shown they have what it takes to go far. Case in point – their upcoming debut release, Impasse.

Each number is carried forth by highly energetic, aggressive rhythms that reach their optimum over the course of thrilling choruses. In addition, frontman Josh proves to be a beast on the mic and there are a plethora of sick riffs to be had throughout.

The title track certainly stands out as a highlight, as the band display more complexities than before and continue to exhibit their constant development that will help them go far.

If any metal fans are looking for a good record to buy on pay day, then we can happily say it would be more than worthwhile spending your hard-earned cash on this one.

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