REVIEW | Banshee: Say My Name

Earlier this year, Greenock’s finest music act Life On Standby made the transition to Banshee and vowed to take their craft to grand new heights. It is now time to put that testimony to the test with the first record under this new chapter titled Say My Name.

The quartet surpassed our already lofty expectations for this and blew us away with exhilarating electronic rock numbers that captivated with a massive, out-of-this-world sound and a pulsating velocity that generates goosebumps every time without fail; aspects that blatantly come to light with the likes of the astonishing eponymous lead single and the invigorating Secret.

Front and centre throughout all this is Erin Donnachie who, in our humble opinion, is the best vocalist in all of Scotland’s underground scene right now. The sheer, blistering power of her harmonies are truly something to behold, and they only add to the supreme gravity of each number dished out.

With this EP, Banshee have truly cemented their talents and proved they are ready to take their game to another level.

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