REVIEW | Ask For Joy: New Private Window

It has been quite some time since we indulged in shoegaze, but luckily someone came under our radar and put an end to the drought. That particular someone is Arron Rossetto, better known as Ask For Joy, who has just added another record to his flourishing repertoire – New Private Window.

This LP can be best described as a heck of a euphoric experience that mesmirises with warm vocals and an appeasing, goosebump-induce ambience that is spine-tingling and never extinguished at any moment throughout the half hour duration.

Slow Kiss features some transcendent guitar work, lead single Pinprick Eyes is unforgettable, Cherry Popsicle fascinates with some imaginative writing and When Your Heart Stops Beating serves as a catchy finish.

It really is astonishing how an artist can completely reignite our interest in a whole genre, but that is exactly the case here with Aaron and our love for shoegaze.

This guy is insanely talented, and it boggles our mind as to why he has yet to receive any proper major recognition.

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