REVIEW | Animal Noise: Sink Or Swim

Since their debut several years ago, Colchester indie rock trio have seen a swift rise in popularity and been awarded with a wide array of opportunities, and after listening to their latest offering – Sink Or Swim – it is abundantly clear why that is the case.

Starting quiet from the offset, they suddenly pick up for what is an immensely catchy opening number. Following that, tremendous, impeccable acoustic chords and an addictive drum beat carry forth the melody of How Can You Love Me.

They proceed through Alright at a smooth rate, soon building towards an explosive finale, before eventually capping off with the thrilling Bag Of Bones, and if you somehow resist the dire urge to tap your foot to this bouncy ditty, you have unnaturally tenacious restraint.

Make no bones about it, this is a damn near perfect EP we have on our hands here that will most definitely go down as of 2016’s best.

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