Ruling Class Crooks | Local Music Scene: Issue #5

Rory Indiana – Ruling Class Crooks | OUT NOW

rory indiana

Here is a record we have been highly anticipating for a while now. As touched on before, we discovered Brighton alternative rockers Rory Indiana not too long ago, but they were swift to make an impact and turn us into outright fanboys.

And now, after much impatient waiting, their sophomore EP – Ruling Class Crooks – has arrived, and we could not have asked for a better product.

Mere seconds in, we are hooked courtesy of a dynamic opener featuring intoxicating riffs, strong vocals and a breathtaking rhythm; qualities that remain consistent in the ferociously addictive Leave Me, which is hands down our favourite rock track of 2016 thus far.

The band’s writing abilities are showcased in full bloom with the forceful Burnout Behaviour, in which afterwards they wind up with the emotion-fuelled Self Sabotage.

This is about as flawless as it gets, quite frankly. Rory Indiana have absolutely nailed it in every aspect, from the instrumentation, to the lyrics, to the passionate performances.

These guys have all the tools available to break it big and become one of the front-runners of British rock in the following years to come.


Banshee – Say My Name | OUT NOW


Earlier this year, Greenock’s finest music act Life On Standby made the transition to Banshee and vowed to take their craft to grand new heights. It is now time to put that testimony to the test with the first record under this new chapter titled Say My Name.

The quartet surpassed our already lofty expectations for this and blew us away with exhilarating electronic rock numbers that captivated with a massive, out-of-this-world sound and a pulsating velocity that generates goosebumps every time without fail; aspects that blatantly come to light with the likes of the astonishing eponymous lead single and the invigorating Secret.

Front and centre throughout all this is Erin Donnachie who, in our humble opinion, is the best vocalist in all of Scotland’s underground scene right now. The sheer, blistering power of her harmonies are truly something to behold, and they only add to the supreme gravity of each number dished out.

With this EP, Banshee have truly cemented their talents and proved they are ready to take their game to another level.


Servant Sun – Hundred Waves | 15.4.16


When introduced to Servant Sun back in 2014, we were quite impressed with their talents – as evident by their self-titled debut EP – and believed there was plenty of potential lurking underneath.

Fast forward 2 years later, and the Glasgow metal quintet have proved us right and realised their potential with a new record – Hundred Waves.

The title track gets things started nicely with sweet riffs to be had and frontman Andrew’s vocals that are favourably comparable to those of Myles Kennedy on full display. Afterwards we have Misgiver which is driven by a vivid, progressive rhythm.

They drop down the tempo for Taste Of Silver, building and further accelerating before escalating to a furious, full-frontal gallop. But it does not end there, as they charge into a rocking finale with Cold House Collapse, loaded with booming bass tones, blazing guitar work and great lyrics.

If they continue to deliver material of this standard, there is no reason why Servant Sun cannot go on to grow into one of Scotland’s top metal acts further down the road.


Create To Inspire – Home Is Where My Heart Dies | OUT NOW


Truth be told, we have underestimated Essex melodic hardcore band for so long, but with the release of their new EP – Home Is Where My Heart Dies – we are kicking ourselves for not jumping on the bandwagon much sooner.

It goes without saying, but this is a mighty heavy record with a lot of animosity and fury emitting from the provoking writing and an immense performance from frontman Sean; facets most glaring in the bombastic Counting Days.

Add some meteoric drumming and intense guitar-driven sequences to the mix, and we have ourselves a short but tasty record from one of the best acts to emerge from the East of England.


Animal Noise – Sink Or Swim | 15.4.16

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.43.38

Since their debut several years ago, Colchester indie rock trio have seen a swift rise in popularity and been awarded with a wide array of opportunities, and after listening to their latest offering – Sink Or Swim – it is abundantly clear why that is the case.

Starting quiet from the offset, they suddenly pick up for what is an immensely catchy opening number. Following that, tremendous, impeccable acoustic chords and an addictive drum beat carry forth the melody of How Can You Love Me.

They proceed through Alright at a smooth rate, soon building towards an explosive finale, before eventually capping off with the thrilling Bag Of Bones, and if you somehow resist the dire urge to tap your foot to this bouncy ditty, you have unnaturally tenacious restraint.

Make no bones about it, this is a damn near perfect EP we have on our hands here that will most definitely go down as of 2016’s best.



Seasons (Self-Titled EP) | OUT NOW


This year has already seen quite the inflation of talented new acts that are just fresh on the scene but already showing lots of long-term promise, and here we have yet another – Bedfordshire rock group Seasons with what is a superb debut record.

In this EP, they deliver a batch of exciting, high-tempo anthems that provide a snappy rush of energy, solid lyrics and spirited performances across the board.

With a first impression as great as this one, expect the name Seasons to be a notable one in British music sooner than later.


The Holy Smokes – No Romance | OUT NOW

The Holy Smokes - No Romance - cover.png

Looking for some sweet indie music this side of the border? Look no further, as Edinburgh duo have you covered with an entertaining EP by the name of No Romance.

Disenchanted and Deceived are personified by chipper, toe-tapping rhythms and snazzy riffs. The engaging 3 Words stands out as the highlight with a smooth and somewhat eerie sound, which leads into what is a smashing final track with Liar.


Left Ahead – Dancing In Hell | OUT NOW

left ahead

Hailing from Hull, Left Ahead are one of the UK’s most dynamic punk rocks act going right now, and we can thoroughly recommend their new EP – Dancing In Hell.

First up, the rugged title track is driven by gritty bass lines and provocative writing – a theme that is very apparent throughout, including with GOO which is essentially a short and to the point middle finger in musical form to a certain chancellor.

They keep the frantic pace going and leave us breathless with Stand And Speak, before bringing it all to an end with the pounding Kicking The Walls In.

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