Impasse | Local Music Scene: Issue #4

Blackwork – Impasse | 25.3.15


Scotland is brimming with a wide multitude of great metal bands, but in our honest opinion, the ones who show real potential are only few and far between. This is where Blackwork from Glasgow enter the frame.

These young guns have impressed us time and time again in the last 12 months or so, and they have definitely shown they have what it takes to go far. Case in point – their upcoming debut release, Impasse.

Each number is carried forth by highly energetic, aggressive rhythms that reach their optimum over the course of thrilling choruses. In addition, frontman Josh proves to be a beast on the mic and there are a plethora of sick riffs to be had throughout.

The title track certainly stands out as a highlight, as the band display more complexities than before and continue to exhibit their constant development that will help them go far.

If any metal fans are looking for a good record to buy on pay day, then we can happily say it would be more than worthwhile spending your hard-earned cash on this one.


Speaking In Italics – Painted Sky | OUT NOW

Speaking In Italics - Painted Sky EP - cover.png

After 5 years of hard work, Speaking In Italics have established themselves as one of Leicester’s definitive rock acts, and they continue to live up to that reputation with their third EP to hit the shelves – Painted Sky.

We are presented with a bundle of enjoyable and memorable tracks such as More Than Fiction and Vultures which feature solid riffs, polished harmonies and top notch writing to boot, that all come to a head with the emotionally-fueled Sidelined.

The band’s latest offering is, as expected, a satisfying one, and it is about time the quartet started getting some proper attention for their efforts.


Chasing Dragons – Faction Prologue | 29.3.15


Leeds hard rock band Chasing Dragons are finally back in business, and to herald the occasion, they have treated us to a new EP titled Faction Prologue.

The high adrenaline kicks in from the get-go with the very catchy Devil In Her Eyes; continuing on into The Mutiny where blistering riffs and spirited vocals are present, as well as some fantastic and addicting lyrics.

And just when there appears to be time to catch your breath as they ease into Whitehorse, they suddenly shift gears for one last kinetic track.

A short but spicy record that proves Chasing Dragons are only better than ever and set to reach new heights in the British underground scene.

Limited physical editions of Faction Prologue are available to pre-order now via the band’s Big Cartel page.

Chisel Beeches – In A Week On A Whim | 1.4.16


We love us some good old British rock, and we are more than happy to welcome a new addition to our ever growing collection – Chisel Beeches, who are set to release their debut EP, In A Week On A Whim.

From start to finish, we get quite the loaded display of killer riffs, real vigor behind the rhythms driven by smashing drum beats, fervent vocal work and strong writing, with the focal point being You Are Your Friend, a captivating and very memorable number highlighted by some groovy bass lines.

Painting Rockets – Happiness In Measures | OUT NOW


Just recently, Edinburgh alternative rock band Painting Rockets were brought to our attention. After spending many months in the shadows due to several issues, they are now looking to get back in the game with a new EP – Happiness In Measures.

With an atmospheric intro in the form of Aeris, our ears were fixated immediately and our curiosity grew. It all then gets going with the title track, where their talents truly come to light as they deliver some stunning singing, driving bass chords and a frenzied chorus.

After a quick break, they move onto If Hate Wasn’t A Word, where the guitars really shine through, before easing off for a smooth finish with You’ll Never Know.

Well, colour us impressed. We were expecting something good but they have definitely proven to be something much more. We sense a lot of promise from this trio.

Phil Cooper – Things I’ll Never Say | OUT NOW


An artist by the name of Phil Cooper popped up on our news feed the other day. Intrigued and keen to discover something new, as per usual, we took the time to check out his new album, Things I’ll Never Say.

Time (and money) well spent, it proved to be, as over its course the record establishes Phil as a great singer, awfully adept with the guitar and able to produce an array of songs with not only a little bit of everything thrown in – such as pop, folk and blues – but also splendid writing.

The broad range of highlights include the likes of the very catchy Let It Fall, the waltzing Cold Day In Hell and the brass-heavy Old Wounds.

An entertaining listening affair from a charming and clearly talented fellow.

Ask For Joy – New Private Window | OUT NOW

Ask For Joy - New Private Window (cover artwork)

It has been quite some time since we indulged in shoegaze, but luckily someone came under our radar and put an end to the drought. That particular someone is Arron Rossetto, better known as Ask For Joy, who has just added another record to his flourishing repertoire – New Private Window.

This LP can be best described as a heck of a euphoric experience that mesmirises with warm vocals and an appeasing, goosebump-induce ambience that is spine-tingling and never extinguished at any moment throughout the half hour duration.

Slow Kiss features some transcendent guitar work, lead single Pinprick Eyes is unforgettable, Cherry Popsicle fascinates with some imaginative writing and When Your Heart Stops Beating serves as a catchy finish.

It really is astonishing how an artist can completely reignite our interest in a whole genre, but that is exactly the case here with Aaron and our love for shoegaze.

This guy is insanely talented, and it boggles our mind as to why he has yet to receive any proper major recognition.

Bullet Height – Bastion | OUT NOW

bullet height

Hailing from Berlin, electronic rock duo Bullet Height have been swift to make their first impact with their debut single Bastion.

What they deliver is a high-octane, exhilarating tune with the most heart-stopping of rhythms and an immense chorus, not to mention a thrilling lead performance from vocalist Sammi.

With an album to come later this year, it will not be long before the pair take Europe, and more than likely the rest of the world, by storm.

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