The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval | Local Music Scene: Issue #2

The Colour Line – The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval


For several years now, Hull technical-hardcore band The Colour Line have established themselves as one of the hottest live acts in the UK’s underground music scene. But in between ALL that, they have had to endure a lot of difficulty and negative situations to keep themselves going.

But after fighting tooth and nail for so long and cementing a deal with Basick Records, they have at last been able to provide us with a record – The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval – and it is just as beautifully mental as we hoped it would be.

A bunch of immense, anarchic tracks teeming with all of the band’s trademarks – ferocious vocals, berserk riffs, hefty bass tones and senseless drumming – the concoction of all taking the listener on a insane, deranged ride with only the very brief moments of silence between each number giving them any opportunity for relief from the manic chaos.

Not much else we can say, we think it is pretty obvious The Colour Line are here to stay and swiftly on the way up. You can catch them on tour with F.O.E.S next month and experience their notorious live show for yourself:

  • Wed 23rd Mar | BASINGSTOKE – Sanctuary
  • Thu 24th Mar | DONCASTER – Vintage
  • Fri 25th Mar | CORBY – The Hut
  • Sat 26th Mar | PLYMOUTH – Underground
  • Mon 28th Mar | CAMDEN – Black Heart
  • Tue 29th Mar | MANCHESTER – A.A.T.M.A
  • Wed 30th Mar | LIVERPOOL – Baltic Social
  • Thu 31st Mar | HULL – O’Rileys
  • Fri 1st Apr | GLASGOW – Nice N Sleazy


Bad Sign – Rebuild

While on the subject of Basick Records, they recently just signed on one of our favourite British rock trios – Bad Sign – and man, what an addition to what is an already packed roster.

To mark the occasion, the guys have put out a new single for the first time in 2 years – Rebuild.

Although short, it is most definitely sweet. This is one hell of a heavy, heavy headbanger with a huge sound resonating with the sheer force of a mach truck.

Expect these guys to make waves within the next few years. Personally, we think it is overdue.

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 – International Sex Hero

What can we say about Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 that has not already been said at this stage? They are far and beyond the most fun band in all of Scotland today, courtesy of their insanely entertaining tunes that traverse a variety of genres and unforgettable live shows, and once again they have provided us with something special.

Recently, the assemble got together with the country’s most seductive wrestling figure DCT and Yellow Movement patron Gavin Mitchell to shoot a video for, in our opinion, the best track off their record Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music – say that three times fast – International Sex Hero.

The song itself is an intoxicating number with the catchiest of beats and an underlying 80’s sound to it. But for sure the defining aspect is the writing, with the lyrics being especially memorable and you will be sure to pick them up within the first listen. Simple verses lead into bouncy choruses, and the track picks up in the second half before bursting into a frenzied chorus.

As for the accompanying video, it is just as amusing as you would expect, and you can see it for yourself above.

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 play one of their biggest gigs to date this weekend, as they once again take over the prestigious Barrowland Ballroom; this time in aid of the Clutha Trust, with support from Yellow breatheren The Girobabies, Jamie & Shoony, Have Mercy Las Vegas and The Twistettes.

We, of course, will be in attendance, and we look forward to sharing another party-filled, road-crossing night with the group, and for a good cause too…

Jamie & Shoony – Who Are You

…and speaking of Jamie & Shoony, the 2015 Live Act Of The Year have just dished out a video of their own, for their catchy as hell debut single, Who Are You.

Shoony gets slapped in the face with a fish. We believe that is enough reason to watch it.

Armstrong – Bend, Buckle, Break

Glasgow rock band Armstrong have only been around for just over a year, but they have already established themselves as one of the city’s most promising young acts. Their self-titled debut EP blew us away, with lead single Thursday Night Club earning them a nomination for 2015 Scottish Track Of The Year.

Earlier this month, they continued into impress with the release of a new video for another significant highlight of their aforementioned EP – Bend, Buckle, Break.

In hindsight, this is a tune we have truly under-appreciated and have not given enough attention in the past, for there is truly a real passion behind it. The lyrics are provoking and the themes exhibited send us through a weave of emotions. In addition, the vocals as always are strong and the guitar work is superb.

For sure, a gripping number that is reflected perfectly in an equally strong video.

FYM – Lizards


Just by the name alone, FYM sound like a very fun act, and that they are, having developed a reputation for their live antics and sick music.

After 6 years, the Coatbridge faction have at last treated us to a full-length record entitled Lizards.

The album is what we predicted it to be – a top-notch batch of exciting, rowdy tracks loaded with grimy riffs, delightfully filthy rhythms and more hilariously absurd and obscene lyrics you can shake a stick at; the highlights including FYM (a blatant loving tribute to Ghostbusters), Maze Of Haze, Always A F*cking Disaster and The Working Dead.

A heck of a wild, entertaining 45 minute ride, it has to be said, but we did not expect anything less from these lunatics.

As December Falls – When You Figure Out You’re Wrong, Get Back To Me


As December Falls from Nottingham are back in business, as they present us with their latest EP – When You Figure Out You’re Wrong, Get Back To Me.

Each track on this record is a peppy, highly energetic pop-rock anthem defined by catchy, sprightly melodies, dazzling harmonies and quality writing, with Don’t Say A Word and Capture standing out as focal points.

Yet another solid effort from a flourishing act who only get better with time. It should not be long before they make a considerable impact in the British music scene.



The Blet Project – Mr David Harris

The Blet Project -Mr David Harris

There’s a fresh new electro-pop act on the scene. Their name is The Blet Project, and judging by their debut single, Mr David Harris, this is a group that deserve some attention.

On surface, it is a catchy track with a smooth, mellow sound to it, but looking deeper, the writing is very poignant, tackling subject matters reflective of modern times in a serious, thought-provoking manner.

An amazing first impression made here, and with their inaugural record on the horizon, this quartet may prove to be something special.

Greenmailer – Scattered On The Mile


Wales and it’s vibrant music scene continue to impress us, with our latest discovery from the country coming in the form of Swansea trio Greenmailer, and boy did they ever catch our attention with what is a smashing debut record – Scattered On The Mile.

A dynamic compilation of electrifying rock tracks, each one just as memorable as the last, featuring collective vocals on top form throughout, guitar work that is devilishly good and plenty of pleasing bass lines to go around.

The highlights are too many to count, with the likes of lead single StaplePillow Biter and Copelandia just some of the most noteworthy picks.

We will certainly be keeping an eye on this group of gentlemen, because they are absolutely buzzing with potential.



Tupilomania – This Gilded Age


From the far reaches of Philadelphia, Tulipomania are an act who are far too good to be as overshadowed as they are; their recently released fourth album This Gilded Age being decisive proof of that.

From top to bottom, they offer us enthralling, smooth tunes resounding with underlying ominous timbres which produce dark atmospheres that make for a captivating listening experience.

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