A New Beginning | Local Music Scene: Issue #1

Last Chance City – A New Beginning

LCC A New Beginning Album Art LARGE

This time last week, we had never heard of Isle Of Wight alternative rock quartet Last Chance City, but by god, it did not take long at all for us to get hooked, for they immediately made us fans thanks to their latest EP – A New Beginning.

Just from the opening prelude, you know you’re in something special. They kick off in furious style with the high-adrenaline Life & Love, and from there the rest is an equally wild ride, with each track defined by a massive, out of this world sound that has our hairs standing on end.

The highlight for sure is the unforgettable Fire Your Guns, which leaves the lyrics ringing in our head long after it is finished.

Top it all off with slick vocals plus a combination of demanding riffs and electronics, this is a tremendous record. This is a band a heck of a lot more people need to discover, and whoever is reading this can make a start right now, as the EP is available to purchase from iTunes and other digital outlets!



Campfires (Self-Titled EP)


It’s hard to think of a band as of late who have been so quick to make an impact, but that’s exactly the case with Campfires from Aberdeen, who recently put out their self-titled debut EP, and after listening to it ourselves, it’s no wonder these chaps are gaining a notable reputation in no time at all.

The record is a compilation of exciting, fast-paced numbers driven by highly addictive melodies, with the focal points being the catchy as hell Pure Gold and the well written Like A Cancer, plus the closing instrumental is a pretty sweet acoustic piece.

With material as good as this, Campfires are already cementing themselves as one of Scotland’s premier pop punk acts. The guys head out on a short tour later this month, and if you’re like us, you’ll be sure to get down to a show:

  • Tue 23rd Feb | DUNDEE – Buskers
  • Wed 24th Feb | GLASGOW – Flat 0/1
  • Thur 25th Feb | DUNFERMLINE – Montys Bar
  • Fri 4th March | ABERDEEN – Crash Live



Rory Indiana – Leave Me

Without a doubt, our favourite discovery of 2016 so far is alternative rock band Rory Indiana from Brighton.

We got quite the thrill out of their inaugural release, Empiricism, and now they are set to fire a new one onto the shelves on Friday 25th March entitled Ruling Class Crooks; available to pre-order now on iTunes.

Earlier this week, the guys released a music video for the lead single off the record – Leave Me – and let’s just say, as with the tune, it is really damn good stuff.

They will be touring the country next month in support of their new EP:

  • Mon 21st | CHELTENHAM – Frog & Fiddle
  • Tue 22nd | LONDON – The Garage
  • Wed 23rd  | CHESTER – The Live Rooms
  • Thu 24th  | LEEDS – Milo’s
  • Fri 25th  | SWANSEA – The Scene
  • Sat 26th | BRIGHTON – The Haunt (EP LAUNCH SHOW)
  • Thu 31st | TUNBRIDGE WELLS – The Forum

Admittedly, we did find the lack of a Glasgow show disturbing, but they do say they are working on booking some Scottish dates. Here’s hoping that is sooner than later.

For I Am King – We All Have Demons

If there’s one metal band out there that deserves way more attention in the spotlight, it’s For I Am King from Amsterdam.

We’ve been fans of the assemble since we unearthed their incredible Revengance EP last year, and they’ve impressed us yet again with their brand new single We All Have Demons.

Their latest offering is a seriously heavy, exhilarating headbanger loaded to the brim with formidable technical riffs, as well as featuring an imposing rhythm and fierce screams courtesy of frontwoman Alma.

Mint State – End Of An Error


Now and again, we like to go for a magical mystery surf across social media in order to discover the finest music, and recently we came across an act that fits such a disposition – Long Island indie pop band Mint State, who caught our attention with their End Of An Error EP.

Melt Into The Ground is an energetic, bouncy opener built on the foundations of great guitar work. They then slow it down for the polished, emotion-fueled Annie, Keep Running which is notable for its memorable writing; a trend that continues into the smooth Attention.

The sublime Far Away is highlighted by a triumphant chorus, and in no time at all, they cap off in exciting fashion with a cover of Death Cab For Cutie’s Follow You Into The Dark.



Jamie Coleman (ft Toni Etherson) – That Goodnight Msg


One singer-songwriter out there that we seriously do not give enough credit is Jamie Coleman, and lately he reminded us of his talents with the release of his new single That Goodnight Msgwith a little help from fellow acclaimed musician and partner in crime Toni Etherson.

This is an elegant number with a fluid melody which displays perfectly matched harmonies from both Jamie and Toni, splendid acoustics and striking lyrics.

Fans of folk music, we implore you to get this in all your ears now, it cannot afford to be missed.

Law Of The Chord – Cynical, Cynical World


Meanwhile, all you indie rock enthusiasts out there can rejoice, for we also have you covered; presenting one of Aberfeldy’s leading bands, Law Of The Chord and their new record – Cynical, Cynical World.

They start in simple yet effective fashion with Summer Solitude, a solid little number with a memorable chorus. But as they fire into Please Don’t, they truly kick it into high gear, courtesy of an addictive rhythm and some groovy riffs.

They continue as such in the nifty closing track Broke And Beggin, which showcases some great lyrics as well as some awfully cool bass lines.






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