REVIEW | Kloe: Teenage Craze

Ever since we launched this blog, we have reviewed a vast array of bands and musicians who display some incredible potential, but truth be told it is especially rare for us to cover an act who have their potential immediately realised and their talents showcased in full bloom. Kloe falls under that exclusive category.

The pop artist has spent much time slowly but surely building her craft whilst garnering acclaim left, right and centre and being heralded as the future of Scottish music.

With all that hype preceding her, she had a lot to prove with the release of her debut EP – Teenage Craze – but after only one listen, it was abundantly clear that all the praise was well deserved, because this record proved to be simply phenomenal.

The most prominent feature is the writing, which is some of the best we’ve heard in so long. This is more than a mere compilation of great songs, but a 4-chapter story based on real life experiences that Kloe has went through in the past few years and she passionately captures the emotion of these ordeals through her poignant lyrics, and her ability to enrapture the attention of the audience and keep them absorbed through every word is second to none.

Each tune is comprised of warm, placid verses which transition into electrifying, transcendent choruses courtesy of the expectional electronic instrumentals that perfectly compliment Kloe’s crisp, pitch perfect harmonies.

In particular, Grip sends chills down the spine with an eerie, breathtaking sound, whilst the title track captivates with a catchy, unforgettable hook.

In short, Teenage Craze is a flawless EP that is perfect in every aspect which will assuredly be the catalyst for Kloe’s imminent catapult to superstardom. It’s safe to say we have a game changer with this record right here.


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