REVIEW | Josef Van Wissem: When Shall This Bright Day Begin

For over 15 years now, Brooklyn-based Dutch minimalist composer Josef Van Wissem has been making his mark with limited yet remarkable compositions.

He has a multitude of albums under his belt as well as numerous, well-deserved accolades, most notably the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Soundtrack award courtesy of his acclaimed score for Only Lovers Left Alive.

Having been given the opportunity to hear his latest upcoming work – When Shall This Bright Day Begin – we dissected the record track by track in order to find out the secret behind his magic.

It’s all down to simplicity. Each song is very straight forward on the surface but ultimately that’s the charm. The fact that Josef is able to produce such memorable pieces with so very little is astonishing.

Not only that, but the atmospheres that they generate are breathtaking; this element being highlighted in the likes of To Lose Yourself ForeverDeath Of The Ego and Ruins, with the latter in particular inducing goosebumps, thanks in part to the haunting accompanying harmonies of Zola Jesus.

A unique and gratifying listening experience that is yet another successful result from one of the world’s most extraordinary experimental artists.

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