REVIEW | Deadly Inscription: A Testament To Sin

For 10 years now, melodic metalcore outfit Deadly Inscription from Paisley have busted their asses to develop into one of the town’s finest bands, and they are set to hit a whole new level with the release of their latest EP – A Testament To Sin.

Without a second to waste, they fire into a thrilling opener titled Subservient that delivers great results in the vocal department; afterwards diving head first into the barbaric Taxidermist which is highlighted by some formidable, breakneck drumming.

They follow up with the insanely catchy Tower Of Silence, then the fast-paced, dynamic Hellion Rising before wrapping up in menacing style with The Gravedigger’s Oath, where imposing riffs and daunting bass lines stand at the forefront.

An immense record that is the result of a decade of hard work and talent building which continues to showcase Deadly Inscription as one of Scotland’s most promising young metal acts.


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