REVIEW | Adam Stafford: Taser Revelations

Three years ago, multi-talented filmmaker and musician Adam Stafford enraptured listeners and critics alike with an album by the name of Imaginary Walls Collapse, and well deservedly received acclaim for his efforts.

But now, the artist is set to enthrall once again with a new record entitled Taser Revelations, and not surprisingly we have been blown away once again.

Over the course of 40 minutes, we are presented with numbers that combine strong vocals, awe-inspiring skills on the guitar and wonderful writing, with the most notable highlights including the engaging Phantom Billions, the endearing Bracelet Dream Of The Shadow and memorable lead single Atheist Money.

But to us, no track stands out more than Railway Trespassers, which is defined by a haunting, goosebump-inducing sound, in addition to astonishing chords and striking lyrics. An absolutely captivating tune that catapulted us from merely keen onlookers to solidified avid admirers of Adam.

And with that said, the album as a whole is nothing short of incredible; already a serious contender for Solo Record Of The Year in our eyes.

This gentleman has “it”, plain and simple, and we expect nothing less than a prosperous future for one of Scotland’s most gifted singer-songwriters.




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