REVIEW | Rhine: An Outsider

Being in a country as big as the USA, it proves to be quite the challenge for underground bands to make a significant impact, but recently we unearthed one group who all have the tools to emerge as one of the nation’s next big metal acts in the years to come.

The band we are referring to is Rhine from Seattle, who are set to release their second album – An Outsider.

From the off set, they are quick to pull no punches as they deliver a hell of an epic 12-minute opener in the form of Dreaming Of Death.

But it doesn’t end there, as they continue to add fuel to the fare with more complex, monstrous tracks with merciless riffs, relentless rhythms and a mighty combo of clean vocals and vicious screams; highlights including the likes of Spell Of Dark WaterParalyzed and Into The Unknown.

But one certain song caught our attention and stuck out from the rest, and that was P.R.E.Y. It starts out with an uncharacteristically pleasant middle ages sound, before suddenly dropping into another heavy and very catchy number.

Overall, a bloody good record that serves as a dynamic and diverse marathon that should not be underestimated.


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