REVIEW | We Are Satellites: Transmissions

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is over and We Are Satellites from Edinburgh have at last stepped out of the studio with their first record entitled Transmissions.

What we get is an enticing compilation of infectious pop-rock tracks that all feature intoxicating melodies, in addition to each having their own individual stand out elements.

For example, Shades has a simple yet effectively bouncy rhythm, while the bass-drive Electric Blue is highlighted by an explosive, passionate chorus.

The lead single Soldier is insanely catchy, the lyrical work is strong in Reflections, and Waves is a slow but warm number with some great riffs and vocals to be had.

After much anticipation, We Are Satellites’ debut is a fantastic and very memorable one. A lot of heart and effort was poured into this, and it is made abundantly clear as you listen through the songs one by one.

These fellas are sure to take the Scottish scene by storm and emerge as one of the country’s hottest new acts.


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