REVIEW | Like Animals: Feral

The latest chapter of uncovering the Canadian metal scene brings us to the renowned Like Animals of Orillia, who are set to impress again with their next EP – Feral.

The title track itself is a solid opener that features plenty of tasty riffs that are backed up by an addicting rhythm. The bass-driven The Lion’s Share kicks off nice and easy before firing into a louder, more turbulent second half.

Lounge Lizard is a catchy as all hell tune where the guitar work is escalated to the nth degree and the drum work is cranked up big time. That established momentum is carried on into Caterwaul, which unexpectedly settles in the middle and turns into a slower, more restrained number.

The pace picks up again with Jungle Book Of Love, starting at a medium, foot-tapping tempo but amplifying further as it progresses and builds to an exciting finish.

With material like this, it’s no wonder people continuously flock back to these guys for more. An engaging EP that is not only memorable, but one that sets a standard that all other metal bands ought to follow.


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