REVIEW | Empire Circus: High Above This Grey There’s Blue

After nearly 200 reviews, there comes a time where discovering something fresh and original becomes such a once-in-a-blue-moon event.

But recently, we experienced such an occurrence when we were given the opportunity to listen to Dublin pop-rock outfit Empire Circus‘ latest single – High Above This Grey There’s Blue. That creative title alone caught our attention.

The positive elements are too many to count, including some incredible pitch-perfect harmonies, gratifying work on the piano and superb writing which tells the listener a gripping story.

Beginning slow and serene, the song soon picks up for a triumphant second half carried forth by a smooth yet catchy chorus, before settling down again by the end.

What can we say? An astounding masterpiece of music that we simply cannot get enough of.

The gentlemen are one of Ireland’s best hidden secrets that deserved to be exposed to a much bigger audience, and we believe that will only be a matter of time.






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