REVIEW | Throne Fest – Part 2

Muscles were aching, hangovers were deadly and the weather remained miserable. But it didn’t matter, as people were still buzzing from the previous night before after Heart Of A Coward and several others tore The Classic Grand a new one, and they were more than ready for round 2 of Throne Fest.

Up first were Rainfalls who have somehow slipped under our radar for so long, but they were quick to make a lasting impression with a blend of ferocious tunes and an intense live presence.  They even had time to throw in a cracking cover of Ace Of Spades.

This was no average opening set, it was a damn good one that had people hooked from the get go. A great way to kick off the day’s proceedings.

Swallows followed up with high-velocity, emotion-fueled tracks loaded to the brim with swift riffs, dynamic rhythms and powerful vocals, whilst taking the baton from Rainfalls and retaining the focus of the crowd.

In addition to all that, frontman Adam was on top form and gave it his all, and with it being his final show with the band, the Heartbreak Crew now had a real reason to be heartbroken.

Up next, Hayworth delivered to us a fun, energetic performance that had folk at the front yelling back the lyrics, with the highlights including Swan SongVoice Of Reason and Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong. It was a long time waiting to see them and we were left more than satisfied.

After opening with the infamously awful recorder cover of the 20th Century Fox theme, Number Them blew us away with a loud, formidable performance accentuated by an immense vigor on stage that you couldn’t help but bang your head along to.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to leave early and miss the rest of the acts, but for our money’s worth, we felt fulfilled by what we had witnessed, and it wrapped up what had been an incredible weekend that we wouldn’t be forgetting for a long time.

Throne Fest II, anyone?





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