REVIEW | Mason Hill (Self-Titled EP)

Recently, we were introduced to a Glasgow heavy rock band by the name of Mason Hill, and by the sound of previous reviews they appeared to be somewhat of a big deal worth checking out, so going into their debut EP we had pretty high expectations. Those said expectations were surpassed.

An energetic, riff-loaded opener by the name of Survive gets the listener fired up within seconds, with that established buzz only being further accentuated in the gripping Your Memory; notable for a catchy chorus and plentiful of slick solos.

The rhythm section certainly make their presence felt in Now You See Me, a tune that really picks up with a memorable closing minute. This leads into the final track, Where I Belong, where we witness a complete change in tone as they perform what is at first a primarily acoustic, sentimental anthem with passionate writing.

In addition, there are some neat bass lines that start shining through as the song progresses, gradually building and building to a heart-stopping climax.

An impressive EP that truly caught us off guard. For sure, one of the best debut records we’ve heard in quite some time.

Mason Hill are set to make huge waves in the Scottish music scene this year, and we predict it won’t be long before people’s heads are turned and all take notice of the newcomers.

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