REVIEW | Sanktuary: Winter’s Doom

In 2015, we were given an introduction to the flourishing metal scene that Canada had to offer, and after what we discovered, we are now eager to explore further.

This brings us to Sanktuary of Whitehorse, Yukon, who have made their mark in the Great White North for several years now and look to make their next big impact with the release of their second LP – Winter’s Doom.

They kick off with Space Race, a good old-fashioned, catchy as hell thrash number to get us warmed up nicely before leading into Wild Is The Wind which brings us more of the same but with a more ferocious edge.

Up next is Vermin’s Doom, a 7 minute epic driven by a galloping rhythm section and red-hot guitar solos. And just as the listener takes time to catch their breath, they immediately keep the pace going with the title track which showcases some mighty vocals.

The writing is the highlight of the provocative Open Your Eyes, whilst dynamic riffs are the defining element of the high-tempo Corpse Blockade. And with rebellious, anti-fuzz themes, they cap off with the turbulent Maximum Authority.

An immense rollercoaster of an album, to say the least, where every track is a thrilling headbanger that each bring their own qualities to the table.

It’s going to take something special to top what will surely go down as one of 2016’s best underground metal records.




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