REVIEW | Courtney Askey: Paris Apartment

It’s quite rare for us to discover a fresh new talent who has only just burst onto the scene but already appears to hold all the potential in the world.

Well, that’s exactly the case with Leicester singer-songwriter Courtney Askey, who is set to to make her debut with Paris Apartment.

The single is carried by a smooth melody which begins at a slow pace but it gradually picks up as the track progresses, soon peaking during what is an intoxicating final minute.

From start to finish, Courtney’s vocals are luxurious, the accompanying guitar sends chills down the spine and the lyrics capture the listener’s attention with sincere, heartfelt emotion behind them.

This budding artist has made an incredible first impression, and her talents are something to be admired. This is looking to be only the beginning of what should be a long, prosperous journey for Courtney, and with a record coming later this year, this single serves as only a small taste of something bigger on the horizon.




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