REVIEW | Jonas & Jane: Whispered

Hailing from Surrey, Jonas & Jane have quickly made waves in their short tenure together – from performing major shows to earning significant radio airplay – making them one of the most must-see acts in the UK’s thriving Americana scene.

What got us hooked on the couple in the first place was their recently released EP, Whispered. And boy, what a way to be introduced.

The Travelling Kind is a simple and pleasant opening track that showcases the pair’s obvious classic country influences. Meanwhile, our favourite tune of the collection, Down For Dead, displays some fantastic writing, in addition to a memorable chorus and splendid banjo skills.

We get to experience more great guitar work in Farewell For Good, whilst smooth harmonies are prominent in the slower title track. Soon they bring the record to a close with the swaying, emotion-fueled Think Of Me which is highlighted by an endearing harmonica solo.

With this EP, it’s no surprise as to why Jonas & Jane have received much positive attention. An excellent compilation that perfectly exhibits the talents of a duo who certainly have a bright future ahead of them.



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