REVIEW | Rosie Bans: Process

With a new year, comes new opportunities to discover the finest singer-songwriters from all around, and the most recent one to come under our radar is Rosie Bans, who is at this point a traveled veteran who’s been up and down the country for the last number of years honing her craft.

Now she kicks off the next leg of her journey with the release of her latest EP – Process.

She gets things started with the bouncy Stop This, which displays Rosie’s abundantly clear piano skills to a tee, in addition to featuring a highly addictive chorus, whilst Giving My All is carried forth by a smooth, fluid rhythm section that, in combination with Rosie’s tranquil harmonies, just melt the ears.

With a similar style, the following track Family Man brings us a catchy melody as well as some fantastic writing and delightfully exotic keyboard work, before leading into a passionate, breathtaking final tune in the form of Run, Don’t Walk.

A simply incredible EP we have on our hands here; a definitive showcase of Miss Bans’ remarkable talents build on the foundation of years of endeavours and experience.

It’s early days yet, but we predict Process is sure to rank among the best solo records that 2016 will offer.

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