REVIEW | Seel: Attitude

If you’re searching for some of the finest grunge music in Glasgow, then you don’t need to look further than Seel, as the trio have got you covered with their recently released debut album – Attitude.

They present us with a nifty compilation of raw, vigorous tracks with solid, energetic rhythms, delightfully filthy riffs courtesy of the engaging guitar work and some catchy choruses; the highlights including the likes of Stay AwayLove & Hate, Soapbox and Seasons.

But amidst them, they are a select few tunes that stand out on their own for one reason or another. For example, Burn is a cracking instrumental piece. Then we have Dead, which is a slow-paced, bass-heavy number that shines with undoubtedly the best writing on the record. They even have an amusing little surprise in store for those who choose to stick around at the end.

Seel’s first effort is a damn good one that makes for an entertaining 45 minutes of listening. The long wait for this was well worth it, and we’re already eager for these guys to dish out some more music as soon as possible.


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