REVIEW | False Hopes: Sloganeering

Anybody who’s been keeping track of the Glaswegian hardcore scene as of late will have most likely heard of a relatively fresh new band by the name of False Hopes, and if they had the opportunity to listen to these guys, they should be well aware of how damn good they are.

Case in point: their debut single, Sloganeering – a short but sweet intense track that impresses with a combination of fierce vocals, swift riffs and strong writing featuring some notably provocative lyrics.

The B-side, Homesick, is also worth giving attention to. The best way to describe it would be a turbulent 90 second rush of insanity that is sure to leave the listener breathless by the end.

Keep an eye out for these chaps. With their first record on the way, expect them to make a significant impact over the course of 2016.


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