REVIEW | Foxbeef: Shattered Echoes

Pop rock band Foxbeef are more than just a group with an amusing name. They also happen to be one of the finest that Dundee has to offer, at least judging by their debut album Shattered Echoes.

They impress from the off-set with Rest From Heartache which features slick guitars and spirited vocals. Afterwards, the upbeat Remedy excites with an exhilarating rhythm.

The guys take it down for the more smooth and chilled title track, before picking it up again for the energetic Handshake And A Kiss.

Intoxicating bass lines stick out in the likes of Lie To Me and Odds & Evens. Meanwhile, the fast-paced Perdition is backed up by thrilling drum work.

Meat & Bones is undoubtedly the highlight, with a tight combination of ballistic riffs, a dynamic melody and an insanely catchy hook that has the lyrics ringing in the ears of the listener long after it’s done.

Wrapping up with Don’t You Know Who I Am, Foxbeef’s debut record has got to be one of the strongest to come out of the Scottish music scene this year. A strong collection of amazing rock tunes that serves as one hell of a fun ride from start to finish.

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