REVIEW | Adrenechrome: Tales From Adrenechrome

The Great White North known as Canada has always been well-noted for it’s strong metal scene, and we were reminded of that fact courtesy of Orillia-based band Adrenechrome and their latest album – Tales From Adrenechrome.

The intro track A Familar Face starts light and upbeat, soon building and getting heavier before unleashing into Lockstep, a vigorous number where we get the first real showcase of the ferocious vocals and formidable guitar work.

Black Brubeck is equally imposing with an intense rhythm and, while seemingly random, the brief addition of banjos actually fit pretty well. God Sized Shadow displays a clear sludge influence, while the writing stands out as the defining factor in The Heart And The Feather.

Hideous Appetites is an aggressive, dynamic tune that electrifies with plenty more energetic riffs on top of some hefty bass lines. Following that, they finish up with The Lead Elephant, a captivating rock anthem absolutely loaded with an abundance of energy that is sure to leave the listener breathless by the end.

A supreme metal album that enthralls with the sensation of an insane adrenaline rush from start to finish. Canada’s metal scene is in full bloom for sure, and it’s safe for us to say Adrenechrome rank among the best the country has to offer right now.

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