REVIEW | Empty Handed: In Between The Goodbyes

For half a decade now, Leipzig-based Empty Handed have worked hard to achieve a lot of success and build themselves into one of the most prominent bands in the European hardcore scene.

Now they seek to cement their position with the release of their second full-length album – In Between The Goodbyes.

A growing intro leads into Atelophobia, an explosive in-your-face opener with relentless drumming and fierce vocals. They ease down for a more restrained, yet still forceful tune in the form of Cold before, following an interlude, picking the pace back up for Devils and Excuses; both featuring invigorating choruses.

Travels starts slow and gentle before unleashing into another heavy, vigorous number. The brief Waiting soon gives way to Lights, where a galloping rhythm is at the forefront. Eventually, the record comes to a close with Twenty Eight serving as a dynamic finale.

Empty Handed’s latest record is a tight collection of gripping melodic anthems that not only demonstrates powerful themes, but also showcases this group’s clear talents to the nth degree.

They have truly succeeded in solidifying themselves as one of the biggest upcoming hardcore acts to emerge from Germany, and more significantly, Mainland Europe as a whole.





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