REVIEW | Maybe We’re Dead Already: On The Way Down

In another review which has us asking “how did we not discover this awesome band earlier?”, we have Glasgow hard rock act Maybe We’re Dead Already, who recently impressed us with their latest EP – On The Way Down.

They fire out the gates with the forceful Stretched Out And Strained which delivers great riffs and commanding vocals. The title track cranks up the dial further with an aggressive rhythm, and Lost In Static stimulates with an imposing melody.

Shrapnel continues to showcases more of the band’s dynamic guitar work, whilst The Bitter Things We Know is highlighted by an addictive drum beat. Soon, they finish on an acoustic piece titled True Faith, a striking tune that stands out with its strong writing.

One of the most thrilling 15 minutes we’ve sat through in quite some time. An exciting record that is guaranteed to hook in any fan of heavy music within hearing distance.


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