REVIEW | Magic Trik: By The Stone

Last week, we had the opportunity to witness Magic Trik live for the first time when they supported Altered Sky and they impressed us a lot, so much so we decided to spend a fiver on their By The Stone EP.

The title track serves as a perfect starter for ten, being a heavy tune donning a catchy chorus; a similar case with Stray Dog which also has memorable lyrics to boot.

Rugged bass lines and ferocious riffs are the defining factors of Bad Man’s Boulevard, while Ripped-Hide Blues is a superb 8 minute rock anthem that is bursting at the seams with a high-intensity rhythm.

Soon enough, they finish off with Wreck Of A Woman, where they let loose one last time with what is an energetic number bringing us more of the great guitar work and drumming we got accustomed to by this point.

Well, that was a fiver well spent on what is ultimately a riveting, fun as hell EP featuring rock and roll in it’s purest, most entertaining form. These guys may just go on to bigger things if we continue to get more records like this out of them.

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