REVIEW | Psychopathic Romantics: Bread And Circuses

Jointly hailing from Italy and the USA we have Psychopathic Romantics, a folk-rock outfit with a country influence for good measure.

As we’ve stated in the past, this genre isn’t usually our cup of tea, but many similar bands have come along and impressed us, so we thought it’d be worth giving their album – Bread And Circuses – a shot.

The opener It’s All For You starts off slow and gentle, before kicking up a notch in the latter half into a galloping tune with a catchy drum beat. The title track is an entertaining, benign tune with a combination of great vocal and acoustic work; qualities that continue into the likes of Open Up WideI’ll See You There and Einstein Said.

The Gathering stands out with an almost eerie melody and lyrics that really sink into the mind, whilst Up And Down is a more simple yet enjoyable upbeat number, and Extra Special Needs Guy features undoubtedly the best writing on the entire record. Following an engaging instrumental piece, Thank You serves as a satisfying conclusion.

On the whole, a solid album that makes for a pleasant easy-listening experience. Fans of folk and country will definitely get a kick out of this one, so we highly recommend it to you all.

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