REVIEW | Seel: Attitude

If you’re searching for some of the finest grunge music in Glasgow, then you don’t need to look further than Seel, as the trio have got you covered with their recently released debut album – Attitude.

They present us with a nifty compilation of raw, vigorous tracks with solid, energetic rhythms, delightfully filthy riffs courtesy of the engaging guitar work and some catchy choruses; the highlights including the likes of Stay AwayLove & Hate, Soapbox and Seasons.

But amidst them, they are a select few tunes that stand out on their own for one reason or another. For example, Burn is a cracking instrumental piece. Then we have Dead, which is a slow-paced, bass-heavy number that shines with undoubtedly the best writing on the record. They even have an amusing little surprise in store for those who choose to stick around at the end.

Seel’s first effort is a damn good one that makes for an entertaining 45 minutes of listening. The long wait for this was well worth it, and we’re already eager for these guys to dish out some more music as soon as possible.


REVIEW | False Hopes: Sloganeering

Anybody who’s been keeping track of the Glaswegian hardcore scene as of late will have most likely heard of a relatively fresh new band by the name of False Hopes, and if they had the opportunity to listen to these guys, they should be well aware of how damn good they are.

Case in point: their debut single, Sloganeering – a short but sweet intense track that impresses with a combination of fierce vocals, swift riffs and strong writing featuring some notably provocative lyrics.

The B-side, Homesick, is also worth giving attention to. The best way to describe it would be a turbulent 90 second rush of insanity that is sure to leave the listener breathless by the end.

Keep an eye out for these chaps. With their first record on the way, expect them to make a significant impact over the course of 2016.


REVIEW | Josephine Sillars: Vincent

Over the course of 2015, we have had the opportunity to discover an array of incredible singer-songwriters, and one that certainly stood out from the pack is Josephine Sillars.

She first impressed us greatly this past summer with her debut EP – Ripped From The Wire Spine. In fact, we loved it so much it earned an nomination for our Solo Record Of The Year award.

But just as the year is on the way out, she has been kind enough to provide us all with a new single entitled Vincent.

This is a dazzling tune driven by a warm, swell melody that features Jo’s trademark crisp vocals and engaging piano work, in addition to a simple yet catchy backing drum beat and a chorus which serves as a captivating hook.

But for sure the highlight of the track has to be the display of memorable and incredibly creative lyrics which, as the title suggests, make reference to a certain Mr Van Gogh; a testament to Jo’s adept songwriting abilities.

2015 has been quite the year for this young lass, and if she continues to deliver more high-quality material just like this single, then 2016 is looking to be even better for one of Scotland’s finest solo artists.


REVIEW | Chris Ashton: Piece Of Your Love

Most notable for being the frontman of Glasgow pop rock outfit Fluorescent Hearts, Chris Ashton is looking to make the cut as a solo artist with the release of his debut single – Piece Of Your Love.

His crisp harmonies are vividly showcased on a track featuring a very smooth, mellow feel to it that makes it nice and easy on the ears.

In addition, the guitar work is simple yet effective and the writing is very well done; the lyrics in the last third of the song in particular serving as a great hook.

Not a bad way to start at all. Chris has certainly made the most of the ability and talent he has developed over the years in order to produce a catchy, thoroughly entertaining tune; just the first of many, we predict.


REVIEW | Foxbeef: Shattered Echoes

Pop rock band Foxbeef are more than just a group with an amusing name. They also happen to be one of the finest that Dundee has to offer, at least judging by their debut album Shattered Echoes.

They impress from the off-set with Rest From Heartache which features slick guitars and spirited vocals. Afterwards, the upbeat Remedy excites with an exhilarating rhythm.

The guys take it down for the more smooth and chilled title track, before picking it up again for the energetic Handshake And A Kiss.

Intoxicating bass lines stick out in the likes of Lie To Me and Odds & Evens. Meanwhile, the fast-paced Perdition is backed up by thrilling drum work.

Meat & Bones is undoubtedly the highlight, with a tight combination of ballistic riffs, a dynamic melody and an insanely catchy hook that has the lyrics ringing in the ears of the listener long after it’s done.

Wrapping up with Don’t You Know Who I Am, Foxbeef’s debut record has got to be one of the strongest to come out of the Scottish music scene this year. A strong collection of amazing rock tunes that serves as one hell of a fun ride from start to finish.

REVIEW | Adrenechrome: Tales From Adrenechrome

The Great White North known as Canada has always been well-noted for it’s strong metal scene, and we were reminded of that fact courtesy of Orillia-based band Adrenechrome and their latest album – Tales From Adrenechrome.

The intro track A Familar Face starts light and upbeat, soon building and getting heavier before unleashing into Lockstep, a vigorous number where we get the first real showcase of the ferocious vocals and formidable guitar work.

Black Brubeck is equally imposing with an intense rhythm and, while seemingly random, the brief addition of banjos actually fit pretty well. God Sized Shadow displays a clear sludge influence, while the writing stands out as the defining factor in The Heart And The Feather.

Hideous Appetites is an aggressive, dynamic tune that electrifies with plenty more energetic riffs on top of some hefty bass lines. Following that, they finish up with The Lead Elephant, a captivating rock anthem absolutely loaded with an abundance of energy that is sure to leave the listener breathless by the end.

A supreme metal album that enthralls with the sensation of an insane adrenaline rush from start to finish. Canada’s metal scene is in full bloom for sure, and it’s safe for us to say Adrenechrome rank among the best the country has to offer right now.

REVIEW | Empty Handed: In Between The Goodbyes

For half a decade now, Leipzig-based Empty Handed have worked hard to achieve a lot of success and build themselves into one of the most prominent bands in the European hardcore scene.

Now they seek to cement their position with the release of their second full-length album – In Between The Goodbyes.

A growing intro leads into Atelophobia, an explosive in-your-face opener with relentless drumming and fierce vocals. They ease down for a more restrained, yet still forceful tune in the form of Cold before, following an interlude, picking the pace back up for Devils and Excuses; both featuring invigorating choruses.

Travels starts slow and gentle before unleashing into another heavy, vigorous number. The brief Waiting soon gives way to Lights, where a galloping rhythm is at the forefront. Eventually, the record comes to a close with Twenty Eight serving as a dynamic finale.

Empty Handed’s latest record is a tight collection of gripping melodic anthems that not only demonstrates powerful themes, but also showcases this group’s clear talents to the nth degree.

They have truly succeeded in solidifying themselves as one of the biggest upcoming hardcore acts to emerge from Germany, and more significantly, Mainland Europe as a whole.