REVIEW | Venkman: Kakorrhaphiophobia

Trying say that title three times fast.

Hailing from the city of Lichfield, Venkman describe themselves as an off-kilter funk band. We didn’t necessarily know what that meant at first, but we were curious enough to get a taste for ourselves courtesy of their debut EP – Kakorrhaphiophobia. It proved to be a decision well made.

They kick off with Tapout, a swift, catchy as hell toe-tapper further amplified by crisp vocals and a really cool accompanying sax, before firing straight into The Friar, notable for it’s addictive hook and excellent guitar chords.

Deep Sea Diver moves forth at a more laid-back pace but continues to deliver splendid guitar and rhythm work, soon leading into the transcendent Andrew, You’re Horizontal to wrap up the record.

With just one listen, we have instantly fallen in love with these guys, for this is a simply intoxicating, groovy EP that will certainly go down as one of 2015’s strongest debuts. It’s early days yet, but it’s already clear that Venkman are set to go far.


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